Adult Charades! Guess Words on Your Heads While Tilting Up or Down App Reviews

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Great party game

Adults only

Needs categories

Needs categories

Stolen idea and material?!

Ummm so anyone who has been excited by the new popular card game "No Shame Charades" this is a complete rip off even including the Tagline. Oh but not even close to as fun as this app cut all the corners. Bought, played, discarded. Check out the better and original version.

Good adult game

Good variety, youll learn something new every time!


We have had so many laughs with this game!! Its definitely a fun time for adults that arent easily offended. Every person we have played this with is doubled over laughing!! We have had to search a few terms in Urban Dictionary which makes it even that much better. This is an awesome app! Weve actually ran out of words to play, so Im hoping they add more. You will not be disappointed in buying this app. Thanks for the good times!!!! Tip- you may want to keep score somewhere else because you get so caught up in the game, that your head tilts could score you incorrectly. It would be nice to have a way to override (or correct) the score each round.

Absolutely terrible

First game Ive ever bought. Literally worst game Ive ever played. Please never buy or support this game. Definitely not charades.

Great party game

A great game for people with dirty minds.

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